Virtual Medical Assistants for Telemedicine
We'll help you set up your Telemedicine Service
and have your Telemedicine Virtual Assistant (TMVA)
work behind the scenes. Let us show you how!
Virtual Medical Assistants
The Easier Way to Start your own
Medical Practice.
call center
Virtual Medical Receptionists
Handle all-weather call traffic without the long waits.
#1 Sleep DME Virtual Assistants.

Insurance Verification, Precertification
Compliance Calls, PAP Troubleshooting,
Remote PAP Setup/Education
Calls on Resupply Orders, Scheduling

insurance ver
Virtual Assistants for Insurance Verification
Obtain Eligibility & Benefits for as low as $2.00 per patient.
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The Future of Healthcare is Virtual.   

Hire an Apex Virtual Medical Assistant - Less Cost,  Less Space and More Quality Patient Time For You and Your Staff.

Go Virtual... but with the right partner.  Our US-based management team has led actual medical practices for more than a decade.  

Apex was founded by a physician who wanted to lower the cost and reduce medical and non-medical staff burden, while ensuring an efficient and cohesive work environment, and ultimately enchanced quality patient care.

What Sets Us Apart?

Advantages of Apex Healthcare Solutions
Professional 3rd Party Background Checks
Five-Stage On-boarding Process
100% Nursing or Allied Medical Graduates
Trained Back-up on Standby (for Critical Operations)
US-based Account Management
Quality Assurance Support and Daily Reports
Internal Subject Matter Experts to help VMA
IT Support for Virtual Medical Assistant
10+ Years in US Healthcare Services
Low Monthly Price
No Long-Term Contracts
Ease of Payment to US-based Company
Business Associate Agreement

About Apex Healthcare Solutions

We are a Dallas, Texas based company whose team has set up and managed multiple facilities since 1995.  In 2005, our team started providing medical staffing services and in 2012, started providing virtual medical assistant services to small and medium sized facilities.  It is a testament to the value we give to long term relationships that most of our core employees and clients are still with us to this day.

Our virtual staff, who are mostly nurses, complete basic training and only the top 20% of applicants are deemed qualified to serve our clients as virtual medical assistants.

Service Menu

What our Virtual Medical Assistants can do for you.

  • Virtual Assistants
  • Virtual Medical Assistants
  • Fast Answering of Calls
  • Schedule Inquiries
  • Call Transfer
  • Patient Inquiries
  • Follow-ups
  • Inbox Monitoring
  • New Patient Referrals
  • Insurance Verification
  • Scheduling
  • Pre-Certification
  • Chart Preparation
  • Referral Coordination
  • EMR Migration
  • DME Compliance Calls
  • Medical Transcription

Technology & the Hybrid Team How technology makes virtual assistance possible

The widespread adoption of Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records systems as well as internet cloud based applications open the door to hybrid practices – teams that use light-speed data to accomplish clinical support tasks more economically and accurately while maintaining HIPAA privacy and security compliance.

In addition to the benefits of smaller office space requirements and reduced office supply costs, hybrid teams - with both on-site and virtual assistants - can grow and shrink quickly to adapt to seasonal variations as well as business growth.

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Medical Symposia Events Assistance How we helped organize a big event

We handled the logistics for a medical education event in a major venue.  This included the social media postings, pre-registration, application for CME/CEC accreditation, educational grant requests, and certificates.

Insurance Verification How We Save Your Time

Our virtual medical assistants do hundreds of verifications daily via phone, portal or EMR.   They can be done upon scheduling, three days before, and 24 hours prior to patient visit.

No More Long holds How we reduced wait times to half a minute

We analyzed calls and worked to bring down hold time averages to less than a minute.  Then, by taking over recurring tasks, reduced the transfer rate from 60% to 25%.  Callers wait less than a minute and our client's staff were no longer tied to their phones.

A virtual medical assistant can help you coordinate with credentialing, finding a clinic or sublease, set up your phone and your electronic medical records. Many of our doctors started this way because costs are low and there are no long term commitments.

National Accreditation Assistance We helped with AASM and ACHC Accreditation

With more than a decade of working with accredited US facilities, the Apex team helped facilities earn national accreditation through documentation assistance and advise on site visit preparation.

Cut Wait Times

Cut Wait Times

30 Seconds or Less

We'll bring call waiting average at your main number down to less than 30 seconds.  Give us a month.

EMR Experience

EMR Experience

EMR Experience

Worked with multiple EMR's, including eClinicalworks, eMDs, Practice Fusion, drchrono, Centricity, Brightree, and Athenahealth.  We've also helped select, implement and migrate between EMR's.

Specialty Work

Specialty Work

Specialist Experience

Our work has benefited Neurologists, Sleep Doctors, Urgent Care, Chiropractors, Optometrists, Psychiatrists, Family Practice, Gynecologists and Licensed Counselors.

Selection Process

Selection Process

Finding Your Assistant

Five Step Process:  (1) Auditions,  (2) VA Boot Camp,  (3) Cognitive Tests,  (4) Background Checks, and  (5) Specialized Internship.   We usually have interns available for assignment on short notice.   Call us now.