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Virtual Medical Receptionists for Small Practices.
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The Future of Healthcare is Virtual.   

Virtual Medical Assistants - Less Cost,  Less Space and More Patient Time.

Go Virtual... but with the right partner.  Our US-based management has led actual medical practices for more than a decade.  

Apex was founded by doctors who want to spend more time with their patients as well as their own families.


What makes our Virtual Medical Assistants different?

Apex Healthcare Solutions values first and foremost our people - your people.  We've been managing medical practices and know what it takes to be a great member of your team. 

So what comes with your APEX Virtual Medical Assistant service?

  • Excellent Communicators:  Fluency is a pre-requisite.
  • College-Educated: Bachelor’s degree in nursing or allied medical.
  • Each Assistant comes with a Team: At least two people are trained, backed up by your own Account Manager, Apex IT Support and a QA specialist
  • Professionally-Vetted: Background-checked academically, professionally and legally by a third party company. NO freelancers or part-timers.
  • Virtual Assistant Boot Camp: Required program includes HIPAA and ARRA, Clinical Operations & Health Insurance.
  • Local Phone number with the area code of your choice.
  • Internally Supported: Real-time IT and QA Support
  • Quality and Metrics: You'll love your daily reports.
  • Business Associate Agreement - For HIPAA/ ARRA Compliance
  • NO Long Term Contract - That's right.

It doesn't end there.  We keep checking and coaching our people so they keep getting better.  As a result, you'll have fewer growth pains, fewer backlogs, and happier patients.  

New Medical Practice

Start your own practice!  Your dedicated assistant will take your calls, manage your schedule, assist you with tasks like credentialing and help set up your EMR. 


Medical Virtual Receptionists

Your own medical virtual receptionists to take your calls fast. Guaranteed to reduce call waiting time. Free up your team from too much time phone time and save money in the process.  Designed for small practices.


TeleMedicine Support

Not just paperless, be officeless.  Cloud Telehealth platform plus Apex Virtual Assistants equals an officeless practice.  Our partners will help patients who need you find you as well.  

Office Outsourcing

Assign us a specific task and we'll take care of it.  We handle insurance verification, precertification, new patients, referral coordination, scheduling, inbox monitoring and labs, among others. 


How does it Work?

Like staff from a satellite office, your virtual assistant signs into your system to triage your fax messages, verify eligibility or process local calls using your area code.

We'll start with a conversation regarding what you need with our Dallas-based Account Managers.

  • Our Account Managers will understand your needs and scope out the work.
  • We will then send you our proposal and a Business Associate Agreement for your review and approval.
  • Prior to start, our IT Specialists will coordinate with you to make sure that the IT credentials needed and the connections that are compliant with HIPAA.
  • On the first day, a supervisor and IT Specialist will support the initial orientation and help with documentation as well as monitor productivity during the first two weeks.
  • You will receive your first report after that and the team will keep engaging you until you are satisfied with the quality and productivity of your assistant.

Please contact us for a free consultation.

About Apex Healthcare Solutions

We are a Dallas, Texas based company whose team has set up and managed multiple facilities since 1995.  In 2005, our team started providing medical staffing services and in 2012, started providing virtual medical assistant services to small and medium sized facilities.  It is a testament to the value we give to long term relationships that most of our core employees and clients are still with us to this day.

Our virtual staff, who are mostly nurses, complete basic training and only the top 20% of applicants are deemed qualified to serve our clients as virtual medical assistants.

Service Menu

What our Virtual Medical Assistants can do for you.

Medical Office Virtual Staffing

  • Virtual Assistants
  • Virtual Medical Assistants

Inbound Call Center

  • Fast Answering of Calls
  • Schedule Inquiries
  • Call Transfer
  • Patient Inquiries
  • Follow-ups

Medical Process Assistance

  • Inbox Monitoring
  • New Patient Referrals
  • Insurance Verification
  • Scheduling
  • Insurance Pre-Certification
  • Chart Preparation
  • Referral Coordination
  • EMR Migration
  • DME Compliance Calls
  • Sleep Scoring
  • Medical Transcription

Insurance Verification How We Save Your Time

Our virtual medical assistants do hundreds of verifications daily via phone, portal or EMR.   They can be done upon scheduling, three days before, and 24 hours prior to patient visit.

National Accreditation Assistance We helped with AASM and ACHC Accreditation

With more than a decade of working with accredited US facilities, the Apex team helped facilities earn national accreditation through documentation assistance and advise on site visit preparation.

No More Long holds How we reduced wait times to half a minute

We analyzed calls and worked to bring down hold time averages to less than a minute.  Then, by taking over recurring tasks, reduced the transfer rate from 60% to 25%.  Callers wait less than a minute and our client's staff were no longer tied to their phones.

A virtual medical assistant can help you coordinate with credentialing, finding a clinic or sublease, set up your phone and your electronic medical records. Many of our doctors started this way because costs are low and there are no long term commitments.

Technology & the Hybrid Team How technology makes virtual assistance possible

The widespread adoption of Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records systems as well as internet cloud based applications open the door to hybrid practices – teams that use light-speed data to accomplish clinical support tasks more economically and accurately while maintaining HIPAA privacy and security compliance.

In addition to the benefits of smaller office space requirements and reduced office supply costs, hybrid teams - with both on-site and virtual assistants - can grow and shrink quickly to adapt to seasonal variations as well as business growth.

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Medical Symposia Events Assistance How we helped organize a big event

We handled the logistics for a medical education event in a major venue.  This included the social media postings, pre-registration, application for CME/CEC accreditation, educational grant requests, and certificates.

Cut Wait Times

30 Seconds or Less

We'll bring call waiting average at your main number down to less than 30 seconds.  Give us a month.

EMR Experience

EMR Experience

Worked with multiple EMR's, including eClinicalworks, eMDs, Practice Fusion, drchrono, Centricity, Brightree, and Athenahealth.  We've also helped select, implement and migrate between EMR's.

Specialty Work

Specialist Experience

Our work has benefited Neurologists, Sleep Doctors, Urgent Care, Chiropractors, Optometrists, Psychiatrists, Family Practice, Gynecologists and Licensed Counselors.

Selection Process

Finding Your Assistant

Five Step Process:  (1) Auditions,  (2) VA Boot Camp,  (3) Cognitive Tests,  (4) Background Checks, and  (5) Specialized Internship.   We usually have interns available for assignment on short notice.   Call us now.


What our 'Bosses' say

Do you want to tell us your experience or suggest an improvement in our services?
Just send us your feedback today via a form on our Contact page.

Jennifer Brown, Practice Manager from Southwestern Neuroscience Institute

Our virtual assistants help us complete patient care in a timely manner. With their help we are able to get insurance verifications, precertifications, send and receive medical records, and schedule appointments making us more available handle urgent patient needs and provide better, more timely care. I would recommend this service without hesitation to any office that deals with cumbersome administrative duties.

Jennifer Brown, PHR, SHRM-CP, Practice Manager - Southwestern Neuroscience Institute

Dr. Gundu Reddy MD – New York Psychiatrist

Rob Raroque helped me set up my Telepsychiatry Practice both with hands on-help and by providing assistants from ApexTeleserv .

"He and Apex teleserv staff worked with me to set up practice and continue operations. They showed complete flexibility with regards to using the software integrations and applications which I wanted to use for my practice and creating an automated work flow.

"They were also willing to work on project management software and demonstrated complete accountability for making sure that tasks were completed. The rates were very reasonable while I was first starting out. I would not have been able to set up GABA Telepsychiatry without the help of ApexTeleserv.

"Although I am now past the set up phase. I am able to run a practice, knowing that my bookkeeping and billing is taken care of and that I have reliable assistants to help me with my administrative tasks. I would like to express my gratitude and couldn't be happier with the service.

Dr. Gundu Reddy MD - New York Psychiatrist


If there is one thing that has helped me grow my business and stay connected to my clients it is my VA. In the world of automation it is exciting to have someone answer your phone and speak intelligently about your business.  Someone that knows the ins and outs and can make things happen for the client and for you.  If only I would have known a few years ago what I know now.  This is the one monthly expense I look forward to paying because of the R O I attached to it.

Leigh Richardson, BCN, BCB, CWC, LPC - Clinical Director of The Brain Performance Center

Ivy Harris, Medical Practice Administrator-Hand Associates of North Dallas, PLLC

"The Team has highest standards of professionalism. Guaranteed message delivery to physician referral and real time appointment scheduling, Great Communicator.  Able to answer telephone promptly and in a polite and professional manner.  Excellent patient’s customer service. Knowledge to Answer questions and offer other information, as requested, to provide patient-focused service and a positive impression of the organization.

Use sound judgment in handling calls, especially with upset patients. Understanding of when to escalate important calls to physicians/practice manager.  Maintained schedule, and call or email reminders for Patient’s appointments. Excellent Verifcation Specialist. Knowledge of Precert, Predetermination & Insurance Eligibilty."

Ivy Harris, Medical Practice Administrator - Hand Associates of North Dallas, PLLC