About Us


Apex Healthcare Solutions is a one stop shop for solutions to the most common challenges facing medical facilities as well as business offices. It offers services on medical office staffing, medical office virtual staffing, clinical processes and billing.

Whether you need to set up a new practice from scratch, or just get some billing help, we can be there for you.  We know you are under pressure to improve patient care and still protect profitability given lower reimbursements and stricter regulations.  We therefore developed our service model around value for money, especially for small and medium sized practices and facilities.

Call us and be surprised how we can make quality inexpensive just for you.

Medical Practice and Information Technology

From the HIPAA Law of 1996 to the HITECH ACT of 2008, these laws encourage and regulate the use of information technology in the medical facility.

The resulting accelerated adoption of computerization towards meaningful use results in a lot of  challenges and opportunities for practices that have been doing things a certain way for decades.  It also makes one feel lost in trying to navigate the new IT tools and processes.

At Apex, we believe practices should always be patient-centric rather than technology centric.  From our technology-oriented Virtual Assistants to our technology enabled Outsourced Services, we take care of the technology aspect and will help not just navigate but take full advantage of it.   Technology can be frustratingly slow and unwieldy but it can also be incredibly accurate and efficient.


We value privacy


We respect Customers, Patients and Employees


Our success and that of our customers are directly related


Accuracy is both a habit and a feature built into our processes


Technology simplifies if used properly and complicates otherwise.


People are fundamental.  They should be prepared and supported.