Virtual Assistants for Sleep Facilities

About your Sleep Team

We are a friendly team of professionals committed to helping you run your sleep center operations through virtual assistants.  We have decadesCallCenterAgent of sleep center experience and assisted facilities in their application for accreditation with the American Association of Sleep Medicine (AASM).  We work under advise and closely with AASM Sleep Certified Physicians.

Our team is composed exclusively of RPSGT’s and BSN’s.  Our sleep scorers regularly take the Inter Scorer Reliability (ISR) and consistently exceed the standards and are HIPAA/ARRA trained.

 SleepCycleThumbProcedures and services

  • Incoming communications handling and triage
  • New patient encoding and follow up of charts
  • Insurance Verification
  • Insurance Pre-certification
  • Patient Scheduling and Reconfirmation
  • Sleep Scoring and Scored Reports
  • Sleep Study Intepretation
  • DME Referral Coordination
  • CPAP Compliance Calls

 How does it work?

Any administrative task that doesn’t involve face to face with patients can be virtually.  After we have a conversation on your requirements, our IT Team will help set up your secure connection.

Your Virtual Medical Assistant will log in every morning and proceed with the task at hand.  Your assistant will either open recent studies for scoring, calling patients to reconfirm appointments or go online (or phone) to verify benefits or pre-authorization.  You may chat or call real time with your assistant as if he or she is in the next room.

Your assistant will be trained (see program below) and equipped with a US phone with the area code of your choice, computer workstation, multimedia equipment.   We’ll send you a simple monthly invoice for time spent or tasks completed, based on your preference.

Standard Training Program for our Sleep Center Virtual Assistants

Our virtual assistants for sleep undergo a rigorous training program to prepare them for your exacting demands.  Only 20% of the college graduates who apply eventually satisfy our requirements to serve as virtual medical assistants.

  • Health Insurance System – Verification, Pre-certification and Coding Basics
  • Clinical Processes and Clinical Automation
  • Introduction to Sleep / Types of Sleep Studies
  • Electrical Principles & Signal Waveforms
  • Sleep Disorders and Sleep Study types
  • EEG Basics& Monitoring Devices
  • Int’l 10-20 electrode Placement
  • Artifacts
  • EEG Sleep Staging
  • OSA and PAP therapy Intro
  • Sleep Scoring workflow & PSG Report Generation

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