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Are there long-term contracts?

No.  We invest in our people and are confident that you will like working with our assistants.   A third of our client practices start off with one assistant and request for additional assistants within two months.  All we require is a two-week notice for proper transition.

Can I request for an assistant to be replaced?

Yes.   If you wish a replacement for whatever reason, we will assign another assistant and with a two -week credit to help with the transition.

How do I pay?

We send you an invoice monthly that you may pay via check, electronic transfer or credit card.

Can I request for special skills or qualifications?

Yes, we have staff with qualifications like US-Registered Nurses, Certified Professional Coders and Registered Polysomnographic Technologists.  We have grant writers and experience in deploying EMR’s or handholding facilities for accreditation like ACHC.   Our EMR/PM experience include eClinicalworks, eMDs, Practice Fusion, AthenaHealth, DrChrono, Brightree and Centricity.

Are your assistants vetted?

Yes, we partner with a professional company to make background checks on all new hires and trainees.   Checks include education and past employment verification, previous supervisors and criminal background checks.

What kind of support do you provide your assistants?

Each assistant is supported by a team, which includes an IT Specialist and program leaders for QA and HIPAA.  Your assistant can also tap on internal subject matter experts in areas like VOIP Telephony, Health Insurance Revenue Cycle and Electronic Medical Records.

Is there a VA Basic training?

Yes, there is a standard program that includes HIPAA/ARRA Orientation, Clinical Processes, US Health Insurance and Electronic Medical Records.

How soon can we start?

Unless there are special skills or qualifications required, we usually are ready to start within two weeks of the Service and Business Associate Agreements.  We usually assign a main and a backup assistant during your orientation.

Do I need to prepare anything to start?

Just a few hours for orientation and access to the systems that your assistant will work on.   Each assistant has a computer, headset, US business phone number with your area code, business email.  You can usually talk via computer microphone or phone while sharing your screen to orient your assistant. We can assist you with the tools you need to make this happen.    

Do I get reports?

Yes, we encourage you to work with your assistant on the type of reports you wish and how often you want to see them.  We also have internal reporting so our Quality Assurance team can monitor output and productivity, as well as compliance with your reporting requirements.

What are the working hours of my assistant?

Your assistant will work during your business hours regardless of time zone.   They work eight hours plus an hour for lunch break.   We can arrange for weekend and holiday work if you require.   For critical assignments like front office inbound call centers, we have a backup assistant to ensure worry-free coverage.   Our front office call centers have so far recorded 100% attendance and coverage.

Are your rates fixed?

Our hourly rates are fixed with an increase of 1% every twelve months.   This amount goes entirely to our assistants as part of our program for outstanding employee retention.   Some of our clients have been with us for five to six years and we were able to retain the same assistant(s) during that time. 

How are Apex Assistants different from free lancers?

Apex values quality and long term relationships with client and employees.  Here are some key differences.

  • Apex only assigns full time employees. We do not hire temps, consultant or freelancers for security assurance.